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Additional Information on Digital LP, Class A, & TV Translators/Boosters

Because the digital transition for Low Power, Class A, and TV Translators/Boosters is still voluntary, there is currently no set date for the completion of this transition.

Historically, the discussion of the digital transition conversion with respect to regulatory fees has centered on full-service television stations, and as a result, there is no "digital only" exemption for this class of media services. Because the digital transition in the Low Power, Class A, and TV Translators/Booster facilities will occur over a period time, it is possible that some facilities will convert from analog to digital more quickly than others.

During this interim transition period, licensees of Low Power, Class A, and TV Translator/Booster facilities could be operating in analog mode, in digital mode, or in an analog and digital simulcast mode.

For regulatory fee purposes, a fee will be assessed for each facility operating either in an analog or digital mode. In instances in which a licensee is operating in both an analog and digital mode as a simulcast, a single regulatory fee will be assessed for this analog facility that has a digital companion channel.