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Broadcasting Facility Regulatory Fee Information<br> The FCC no longer accepts fee exemption claims at this website.

If you are fee-exempt, you are required to furnish to the FCC a copy of the documentation that proves your fee-exempt status. Acceptable documentation may include a copy of your IRS determination letter showing your IRS section 501(c) tax exemption status, or state or government certifications, or proof of your station's noncommercial educational (NCE) broadcast status at the FCC. To claim your fee exemption:

You may e-mail your documentation to the FCC at
ARINQUIRIES@fcc.gov, or

FCC, Office of the Managing Director
45 L Street, N.E.
Washington, DC, 20554

Payment Information

All regulatees are required to pay their regulatory fees via the Commission’s online CORES system. Regulatees must access CORES with a valid Username and Password.

Benefits of Using the CORES System:

  1. CORES Supports Credit Card and ACH Payment Transactions
    Regulatory fee payments of up to $24,999 are accepted by credit card or payments of an unlimited dollar amount can be withdrawn from an individual or business checking or savings account. Please note that ACH payments are not considered paid until the Commission receives the funds, which could take 1-3 days.

  2. CORES Streamlines Large Volume Transactions

  3. PLEASE NOTE: As a reminder, all Regulatory Fees MUST be filed, submitted and paid through the CORES System. If you have any questions, please contact 877-480-3201, Option 1. Not submitting the wire transfer through CORES will delay the posting of your payment, which in some instances, may cause a demand letter to be mailed out until the wire transfer payment is sorted out. In addition, we are also urging all entities who send wire transfer payments to include the Voucher Number, Payer Name, and Payer FRN on the wire remittance.

  4. A request for waiver or reduction of a FY 2022 regulatory fee based on financial hardship must be filed on or before September 28, 2022 and accompanied by either (i) full payment of the FY 2022 regulatory fee or a request to defer payment and (ii) financial documentation demonstrating the financial hardship of the regulatee. A party seeking a waiver and deferral of its FY 2022 regulatory fees based on financial hardship may file a single request for both waiver and deferral, along with all supporting documentation, to the following email address: RegFeeRelief@fcc.gov.

Click now to access to the CORES website: https://apps.fcc.gov/cores/userLogin.do

Reference Material

For questions regarding information contained on this website,
please contact the FCC Financial Operations Help Desk at 877.480.3201, Option 1.

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